John Ferris

Executive Coach


John’s business experience spans 40 years across a broad array of positions and disciplines up to and including President & CEO. He brings to the coaching role a wealth of ‘in the chair’ experience in multinational organizations with Gillette, Oral-B, Braun, Duracell, and private enterprise with Swiss Natural – health and wellness supplements.

He has managed complete reorganizations, organizational rebranding, taken a company to market and sale, as well as elected to the Program Advisory Board for Health Canada’s Natural Health products Directorate. During his career he managed the core disciplines across an organization: Sales, Marketing, Training, Operations, Finance, and Human Resources. Regardless of the position, John’s focus has always been on the following core business principles to drive lasting organizational performance:

  • Innovate your products and services to meet your customers emerging needs.
  • Align your company’s value proposition(s) to meet your customer’s needs.
  • React to the root cause of business challenges not the
  • Focus the organization on strong evolutionary development not revolutionary change.
  • Engage employees via core objectives that define:
    • Specifically, what successful achievement looks like.
    • Who is responsible for each achievement.
    • When the achievement needs to happen.
  • Ensure all assigned objectives and incentives across the organization synergistically target achievement of the organization’s goals.
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate.
    • Where the organization is going.
    • What the organization is targeting to achieve.
    • How the organization is tracking vs. its targets.
    • Openly celebrate successes and talk about misses.

John’s coaching experience focuses on helping the top end of organizations target and achieve their goals. His experience spans industries ranging from CPG, Power Utilities, Financial, Investment, Printing, Event Management, Electronics, and Art. His unique style merges consulting, coaching, and mentoring to help his clients target meaningful goals and bring them to life.

John understands that personal and business challenges rarely align with prearranged monthly meetings. For this reason, John’s commitment is to make himself available in the moment, to help manage his clients challenge(s) when they need them addressed.





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