Jeff Hendler

Coach & Facilitator

Overview and Strengths

As a coach and facilitator, Jeff is engaging and warm while taking a candid approach. He creates safe space for his clients to explore challenges, maximize their creativity, and move towards their purpose. With over 20 years of experience, he specializes in coaching executives, new and emerging leaders, and high-potential employees. Leadership development and training is Jeff’s playground across diverse sectors including finance, CPG, retail, viticulture, technology, and property management.

Coaching Philosophy

Jeff is proficient in guiding leaders to confront realities, shift perspectives, and drive sustainable change. He brings the fuel that empowers individuals to lead authentically, make meaningful impact, and influence others with vision and consistency. He is dedicated to fostering joy, fulfillment, and purpose in the workplace. Jeff is passionate about championing others, empowering them to apply their gifts, and accelerating their path towards transformative growth.





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