Fernando Lopez

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Overview and Strengths

Fernando is an Executive Coach and Facilitator specializing in helping clients create the space for powerful collaboration. He is well known for his expertise in Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching. As a collaborative, calm, and profound listener, he has an ease for understanding the requirements of multiple stakeholders and building trust between groups. Fernando’s mission is finding often-surprising solutions to leadership and relationship challenges.

Prior to specializing in coaching and facilitation, Fernando was at Medsite Inc. (now part of WebMD) where he bridged technology and business teams. He is a faculty member of CRR Global and the Coaches Training Institute, an industry leader that has trained over 50,000 coaches worldwide.

Coaching Philosophy

The ongoing discovery and exploration of personal purpose and vision is your biggest lever in leadership development. This is your greatest source of power because it is what will keep you going even in the face of risks and uncertainty. Without a compelling vision and purpose, it is too tempting to play it safe, but there is no safe way to be a great leader.

Leadership development is deeply personal and requires a fundamental shift of mind and consciousness. My intention is that the changes clients make during the time we work together come not only from learning some valuable skills but also from growing into a whole new way of being and seeing themselves at work.

Coaching Highlights

  • 10+ years designing and facilitating team and organizational
  • Work with both Fortune 500 and global humanitarian organizations
  • Comfortable operating across Clients in North America, Latin America, and Europe.




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