Earl Hoeg, MBA

Senior Executive Coach & Facilitator


Earl Hoeg is a bilingual (English/French) leader, team effectiveness coach, workplace strategist with an MBA and over 22 years’ experience at the executive level (the last 5 at the EX-02 level). He is committed to helping create inspiring, engaging, and safe workplaces.

Earl has extensive experience in real property, change management, managing hybrid and virtual teams, workplace strategy, and implementing Activity Based Workplaces. Experience delivering results across multiple sectors including real estate, wireless telecommunications, law enforcement, and learning and development organizations.

A collaborative people manager, Earl is an enthusiastic leader who delivers exceptional results with a focus on relationships and how those results are delivered. He is a leader who motivates and promotes commitment in others to deliver high quality outcomes and develops more leaders, not followers.

As well, Earl is a skilled communicator with experience in media relations and delivering keynote presentations to large audiences. Earl is also a certified Insights Discovery practitioner who knows the value in helping employees understand their own communication and thinking preferences.

Earl is a seasoned leader who has provided strategic advice and guidance to senior management (C-Suite level equivalents) on complex matters. An innovator with a creative mind and exceptional financial management and human resource management skills.

Career Highlights

  • Earl worked for the Canadian Federal Government for 33 years, leading teams from five to 150+ people.

  • Former head of real estate and workplace strategy for the second-largest user of office space in the Canadian Federal Government, he was responsible for an annual budget of $250 million and led workplace modernization efforts for 35,000+ employees across more than 425 sites and 600,000 m2 of space throughout Canada.

  • Earl was also the former head of a regional learning and development organization, where he grew the business from under $400K in revenues to over $4.5 million in four years.


  • Earl combines his enthusiasm, empathy, and breadth of leadership experience and certifications with proven techniques to elevate your effectiveness, awaken possibilities, and maximize your and your team’s positive impact.

  • Earl can help diagnose your workplace strategy, create more meaningful moments for your team, increase your leadership effectiveness, and positive impact.

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