Claude Riverin

Professional Certified Coach

Overview and Strengths

Senior consultant in strategic management and executive coach with a total of 2,200 hours in management and professional coaching, Mr. Claude Riverin has been assisting companies, management teams, leaders, professionals and executives for more than 30 years.

His personal experience as a CEO and in business development both locally and internationally, and his professional expertise as an advisor and trainer in strategic management, governance, change management and conflict management have enabled him to regularly provide effective coaching to customers with strategic issues in performance management and development. Sensitive to governance and leadership issues, he has developed skills and tools to coach entrepreneurs, executives, managers and professionals.

Through an approach that is not only strategic but also very practical and dynamic, he is highly appreciated by his customers for his great adaptability and professionalism. Always willing to share his experience and tools, Mr. Riverin is a strong facilitator who works closely with customers to their greatest satisfaction.

Expertise and Achievements

  • Coach about thirty entrepreneurs, managers and professionals in improving their performance and that of their teams
  • Facilitate dozens of team building sessions (traditional and “outdoor management” approaches)
  • Coach teams, management personnel, and teams of professionals to improve team performance and conflict resolution
  • Conduct dozens of diagnoses (climate, organizational, management, human resources) and more than a hundred strategic reflections and planning, and provide coaching in the implementation of action plans
  • Accompany dozens of customers and their teams in the implementation of organizational changes resulting from the strategic choices of the organization
  • Manage business service restructuring and start-up projects
  • Train leaders and professionals on change management and strategic planning (trainer recognized by the Government of Quebec – Ministry of Economy and Innovation)
  • Trainer in business transfer (recognized by the Government of Quebec – Ministry of Economy and Innovation)
  • Train leaders and managers on sound governance practices, the role of the Leader, the Manager, and on coaching
  • Train managers on strategic change and resistance management
  • Develop and make speeches on management at conferences and seminars
  • Remotely manage a team of executives in Quebec, British Columbia and France
Additional Training
  • NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner Training
  • Executive coaching training
  • FIRO-B® Qualification
  • Project Management Internal Training – Research and Survey component
  • Training on variation reduction and continuous improvement
  • Continuous development program for managers
  • Authenticity in management
  • Various trainings on management, strategic planning and consulting role
  • English courses and English immersions
  • Various courses on labor relations, laws and regulations governing labor relations




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