Charlotte Browning

Executive Coach

Overview and Strengths

Charlotte is a renowned Global Executive Coach who works with her clients and their teams at the Executive and C-Suite Leadership Level.  She brings over 20 years of global, cross-functional business experience to her work.  Charlotte’s international experience has developed in Leadership roles across Europe, Latin America and Australia. This is coupled with her cross functional background in Finance, Sales and Marketing is a powerful combination.  As a coach she has a deep understanding of the leadership demands facing complex multinational organizations. She is a natural strategic thinker and always encourages her clients to look at situations from multiple perspectives.

Charlotte is known for quickly building a strong rapport with her clients. Her ability to create trust speaks to her credibility and she is able to facilitate honest, courageous discussions that focus on her clients’ goals.

Coaching Highlights

  • SVP Banking. Client was responsible for a global team and was challenged with driving through structural and cultural change. Areas of focus included: Improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence International team effectiveness (previously there had been a lot of friction); Communication (within the team and externally); Development of the next generation of leaders.  Results: Client received excellent feedback from their leader and marked improvements in engagement survey scores.
  • Executive in a major Insurance company. Client was challenged with taking on a much larger leadership role with 80+ reports. She was initially overwhelmed and unsure if she could deliver in the role, as she had little previous team management experience. Areas of focus included: Executive presence; Confidence building and imposter syndrome; Elevation of communication skills; Improved team leadership skills.  Results: Successfully worked with the client to transition her into a high-performance leader who in a short period of time made a positive impact on her team and on the company’s results.
  • EVP – Technology. Client had moved to Canada from overseas and was faced with a major transformational agenda. Work with client included: What it meant to step up into an EVP role and meeting expectations; Improved emotional intelligence and leadership brand; Managing a major transformational project especially the cultural challenges of moving from a different country and company culture.  Results: Client has been very successful in his role and seen to have smoothly adapted to Canada.





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