Carla Sharkey

Executive Coach | Leadership Facilitator | Passionate Leader

Overview and Strengths

A Professional Certified Coach (PCC) with extensive hands-on corporate leadership experience as the head of Project Management in a variety of industries, Carla is an expert in partnering with leaders and teams to achieve meaningful results in alignment with their vision and goals.

She uses her hands-on leadership experience, proven success principles, assessments and hardcore accountability to take her clients from where they are to where they want to be, through facilitated group sessions, team coaching and 1:1 coaching.

Coaching Philosophy

Carla is a catalyst for change providing coaching for leaders looking to maximize their personal and professional leadership potential. Carla partners with her clients on the mindsets

and behaviours needed to achieve the outcomes they are looking for. She focuses on growth, self-awareness, goal setting, action planning and accountability to inspire transformational change, while holding her clients fully capable. Carla’s core motivation is to partner with her clients in a transformational leadership journey, giving her the ability to feel energized and passionate while inspiring change and making a difference in the lives of others.

Coaching Highlights

A facilitator of highly interactive workshops both in-person and online, focused on developing strong leadership skills, accountability, feedback and building a coaching culture.

Carla is a Certified Trainer in the Success Principles by Jack Canfield, which has been used to help millions of people from more than 40 countries worldwide, including major companies, organizations, entrepreneurs and individuals to shift their mindset, achieve extraordinary results, increase their revenues and live much happier lives doing what they love to do.




Professional History

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