Bethany Kopstick

Senior Consultant, Career Transition & Outplacement
HR On-Demand Consultant

Overview and Strengths

Bethany is a Career Transition Consultant who brings a unique perspective helping individuals meet their potential and gain career success in an ever-changing employment landscape.  She delivers highly personalized, action oriented, and results-focused career transition support and coaching.  Prior to her role in the Talent Company, Bethany was a Senior Human Resources Professional and Leader, with a career spanning over 25 years in tier 1 companies including Apple and Sony.  She was known to implement innovative and successful employee development products and programs and, was instrumental in many organizational transformations.

Bethany has built strong relationships with her business partners and really understands their business, people opportunities and challenges.  She has been an influential part of the C-Suite for Sony of Canada, supporting VPs in a North American capacity to strategically provide solutions and opportunities. 

Bethany also brings international experience having worked with US and Latin American companies giving her a perspective on how to manage across global organizations

In 2017, Bethany decided to make a career transition of her own into a consulting capacity working with the Talent Company where she is drawing from her years of HR Business experience to provide coaching and career expertise to all levels.  She supports her clients by providing them the skills and confidence to manage their own job search, creating resumes, interviewing, and practicing the fine art of networking.

Bethany’s HR on Demand work includes supporting our clients in workplace investigation, compliance training and New Manager Coaching.

Bethany is an active member of the Human Resources Association of York Region and has been a mentor to young HR professionals over the last 8 years.

“You are never too old, and it is never too late to change course. If you put the hard work in, self-reflect, continue to learn and have a passion about what you do, you will be successful.” – Bethany’s Philosophy

Experience (25+ yr)

Experience (US, Brazil and Mexico)



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