Bella Doswell

Consultant, Career Transition

Overview & Strengths

Bella is an award winning, Certified Careers Development Professional who brings extensive experience in helping people make successful career management decisions and develop winning job search strategies. A highly skilled careers enthusiast, she has provided services internationally, working in the UK, the UAE and since 2012, in Canada. Bella is experienced in working with a wide spectrum of clients, from under/post grads at university, right through to Senior Executive level employees, from all sectors of the labour market.

Bella is trained and especially skilled in confidence building, emotional intelligence awareness, and career management strategy. Bella takes continuous learning seriously and is always watching for emerging labour market trends, new career theory research and discussions of themes in careers work. With extensive training in psychology and mental health counselling, she also holds a subject-specific Master’s degree in Career Development and Coaching Studies from the University of Warwick, one of the top 10 research-led universities in the UK.

Coaching Philosophy

Bella’s coaching philosophy is integrated: if a theory or a tool works, it is used, and is always tailored to the individual she is working with. Her success comes from years of rigorous training in psychology, client-centred/psychodynamic counselling, and specialised career theory knowledge (with application to practice). She ascribes to the ideas of Patton and McMahon’s System Theory Framework (1995, 1999, 2006, 2014) which looks at how we learn about careers from the variety of complex systems (perspectives) around us, and how this can influence and increase our understanding of the career choices we make.


  • Confidence building
  • Career Management – decision making strategies
  • Job Search Strategies
  • Personal branding development strategies
  • Facilitation
  • Psychometric testing and interpretation of results (ability and personality)

Coaching Highlights

Bella has international careers consulting experience from the UK, the Middle East and Canada. She is proud to offer successes in resiliency for living and working in different countries, earning recognition and awards for outstanding Client service.


Certification, Assessments & Licensure

Professional History

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