Amee Unadkat

Executive Coach & Facilitator

Overview and Strengths

Amee is an established leadership coach who enables clients to increase their leadership competencies and enhance critical skillsets surrounding people development, thought leadership, and stakeholder management. Specializing in working with leaders ready to take the next step in their leadership journey, she empowers them to fully realize their strengths and uncover unconscious behaviours that may hold them back – allowing them to elevate their presence and drive impactful results in their careers and organizations.

With more than 20 years in human resources leadership, Amee leverages her knowledge of values, culture, and leadership dynamics in various environments, from technology start-ups to large multinational organizations. She has worked closely with leaders at all levels – from middle management to executives – addressing critical aspects of leadership development, team cohesion, and organizational change. Her coaching support extends to tackling challenges such as team engagement, conflict resolution, succession planning, and personalized goal setting.

Coaching Philosophy

Amee believes in the power of self-discovery and authentic leadership. She is dedicated to guiding clients through a holistic, transformative journey that starts from within and creates a nurturing environment where clients can freely explore their thoughts and actions without fear of judgment. Through this process, clients gain deeper insights into themselves, boost their self-awareness, and build the confidence to lead authentically and purposefully.

Coaching Highlights

Director – Retail Sector: The client was entering into a new leadership role with a larger team, and an ambitious mandate to create a more agile culture, drive engagement and achieve aggressive revenue targets. Amee worked with the leader to enhance her capabilities in the areas of presence, communication, accountability, and difficult conversations. Results: The client exceeded her revenue targets, and increased both her confidence and satisfaction in the work she was doing.

Chief Financial Officer – Technology Sector: The client was a strong people leader overseeing a successful team, but found she was still struggling to manage up and across her peer group. Her areas of focus included: communication, confidence, presence, and the ability to better leverage cross-functional relationships with the organization. Results: The client developed her capabilities as per the goals she set and was promoted into a broader role with a larger scope.





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