Master Your Mindset

The Key to Unlocking Potential in Leaders

What sets those leaders who rise apart from others isn’t just their expertise or track record of results; it’s the story they tell themselves about what they can accomplish, what they deserve, and what they’re willing to risk. This concept is particularly relevant for women and male allies who support them, as inner stories play a crucial role in shaping sense of self and determining desire and belief in leadership potential.

Mastering your mindset is the most fundamental skill to anyone’s success and must be the basis for every leadership development program. The problem is that it rarely is. This session is a must for anyone responsible for advancing women in their organization, for leadership development curriculum, or for those who want to learn more about reframing their internal stories.

Highlights include:

Featured Guest Speaker: Tammy Heermann, Author, Speaker and Passionate Advocate for Women’s Advancement

Hosted by: Richard Antosik, CCO and COO, The Talent Company

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