Hiring Right™

By Simon Parkin

How to Turn Recruiting Into Your Competitive Advantage

Hiring Right™ is for anyone who interviews and hires for their organization – Hiring Managers, Business Leaders, HR Professionals and Recruiters. What you learn by reading Hiring Right will make it easier to hire great talent. This book presents a model for finding, engaging, closing, and retaining the top candidates and high performers in your market. In a world where many organizations emptily proclaim that people are their greatest asset, this book speaks to the new way of recruiting and hiring great talent that will allow you to turn those platitudes into reality

“Simon’s expertise is second to none. This book lays out recruitment and hiring in a way that grasps both the traditional “musts”, yet also reaches new territory and key trends as we all continue to evolve in the talent acquisition space.”

Corey Brooks
Global Talent Acquisition Branding Leader
Global Technology Organization


Hiring Right™ will make it easier to hire great talent

With growing competition for the best candidates, attracting, closing, and retaining talent has become a critical success factor for organizations, and it can make the difference between a company that survives and thrives, and one that does not. The good news for you is that every organization – including your competitors – is facing the same challenges. That creates a massive opportunity: the first organization in a market or industry to adapt to those challenges and changes will create a commanding competitive advantage over other employers.

Over the course of Simon’s career, he has seen many changes in the world of recruitment. In recent years, however, those changes have become seismic.  If you are involved in recruiting in any way, you need to adapt to this new world. You cannot afford to ignore the changes, and you cannot simply go on doing what you have always done.

About the Author

Simon Parkin is the Founder of The Talent Company, a Career Partners International Firm. The Talent Company is a leading management consulting firm specializing in human resources consulting services and solutions. They help organizations FIND the right talent, KEEP the right talent, REWARD talent through effective compensation and total rewards programs, and TRANSITION employees out of organizations and into new career opportunities.

Simon is recognized as a global thought leader in the acquisition and management of talent with over 20 years of diverse recruitment, talent and human resources leadership experience. Most recently, Simon was the Global Recruitment and Talent leader for a Fortune 100 company, developing and leading large-scale recruitment and talent teams around the globe. As part of The Talent Company, Simon works with organizations across the globe on improving the way they recruit talent.

Simon has a Bachelors’ Degree in Economics from McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, a post-degree in Human Resources Management from Sheridan College and a Masters’ Certificate of Leadership from The Schulich School of Business at York University in Toronto.


Anyone looking for tried and tested solutions for hiring right should look no further. Simon’s years of expertise and dedication to his craft come through vividly with each page of Hiring Right™ delivering sound advice for what organizations need to focus on to build the best talent communities and recruits.
Shelly Singh
Director, Talent Acquisition, Global Financial Services Organization
In his book Hiring Right™, Simon does a great job using his vast recruiting experience to provide guidance on how to build an effective and current recruiting program. He goes into detail on the importance of customer alignment, having the right tools, and building an empathetic and authentic approach to candidate interactions.
Jesper Bendtsen
Global Talent Acquisition Leader
Hiring Right™ is a terrific addition to any HR Professional’s book list. Simon Parkin provides innovative yet practical advice on how to transform your recruitment function into a leading-edge talent search practice. Thoughtful, practical and real!
Brenda J. Marshall, PhD
The Solacium Group
Simon will attract your attention in this book with his vast knowledge, experience and practical insights into what it takes in today’s market to truly hire right! A must read for anyone involved in the talent acquisition process (from HR to line management). Read it and get ready to really think differently!
Kimberly Stoddart
Global VP, Human Resources, Global Pharmaceutical Organization
Very few HR professionals understand the talent landscape as well as Simon Parkin. His new book is transformative as he goes deep and shares his incredible wealth of knowledge on how to shift the hiring paradigm to improve the organization’s bottom line results through talent. It’s a must read for companies and HR leaders who are seeking that competitive advantage through their most important asset, people.
Paul Hamilton
Canadian Talent Management Executive
Simon Parkin is regarded by many including his peers to be a leading expert and thought leader in the talent and recruitment space. Simon has helped to influence the recruitment movement towards customer centric thinking and leveraging data & analytics to draw out deeper insights. Simon is the guru global recruitment leaders go to for advice.
Shane Creamer
Global Talent Acquisition Leader, Global Financial Services Organization
Simon’s expertise is second to none. This book lays out recruitment and hiring in a way that grasps both the traditional “musts”, yet also reaches new territory and key trends as we all continue to evolve in the talent acquisition space.
Corey Brooks
Global Talent Acquisition Branding Leader, Global Technology Organization
For any organization looking to evolve or transform their recruiting strategy, I’d highly recommend using Hiring Right™ as their playbook. Simon Parkin combines emerging trends with proven best practices to deliver a blueprint for recruitment success.
Chris Mulhall
VP, Talent & Organizational Effectiveness, PointClickCare
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