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Become a part of our biweekly and monthly group meetings, with your likeminded peers in the HR community.

Talent Acquisition Roundtable

Our Talent Acquisition Roundtable is a meeting of TA Leaders where we share ideas and collaborate ways to advance our function.

Recruitment strategy and vision is an integral component of a successful organization. As Talent Acquisition leaders, you are the ones your teams are looking to.

Sharing ideas and collaborative problem solving gives us a strategic advantage in the war for great talent.

Talent Leader Roundtable

The Talent Leader Roundtable is designed to bring a group of talent leaders together to share ideas and perspectives on Leadership/OD/Culture/Learning. The group meets bi-monthly.

The Talent Leader Roundtable Discussion Group is invitation only. Please contact Liane Taylor at

The Talent Acquisition Roundtable Discussion Group is invitation only. Please contact Joanna Kelly at

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