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HR Market Update December 2022

The economy was the main story for this year, with the triple effect of record inflation, record interest rate hikes yet at the same time, record low unemployment rates. These macroeconomic forces resulted in knock-on effects in the HR space, with some sectors like tech coping with high-profile layoffs, usually with quality Career Transition and Outplacement programs included as part of the package, while other sectors struggle to find good people.

HR Market Update November 2022

The uncertain economy continues to be uncertain. The unemployment rate remains near historical lows at 5.2% and it appears that we are starting to see inflation numbers beginning to cool. In the meantime, the Tech industry is seeing hiring freezes and layoffs. Amazon, Apple, Lyft, Meta, Microsoft, Snap, Twitter, Stripe and many more tech stalwarts have announced layoffs or hiring freezes to prepare for a coming recession. Here in Canada, Hootsuite, Dapper Labs and Dye and Durham have cut staff.

HR Market Update October 2022

Winter is coming, and it may not just be the change of season. With persistent inflation, continued central bank tightening of interest rates, currency fluctuations and slowing growth and turmoil in other parts of the world, our economy continues to be uncertain as businesses are planning for the year ahead. These are some of the major trends we are seeing this month:

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