Hybrid Teams

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Thanks for being a part of The Talent Company’s Hybrid Teams Session

Thank you for joining this session. As we talked about, hybrid work can be challenging, yet presents an opportunity to balance flexibility and productivity with innovation and connection. The good news is that we have partnered with 3COze to bring you a number of current insights and resources to make hybrid work easier.

Here’s a link to the slides from the session.

TOOL: My Manual
Get to know your team better by leveraging the insights from this tool.

TOOL: Evaluating Trust
Take time to reflect on how your actions help you build trust with your colleagues and teams.

TOOL: Mutual Knowledge
This tool can help you proactively share insights with each other to enable more peer knowledge sharing.

TOOL: Collaboration Technology Grid
Here’s a visual tool to help you think about the collaboration options.

TOOL: Communication Planner
This communication planner will help you clarify your intent and reduce the likelihood that your message will fall victim to negativity bias.

TOOL: Unseen Work Exercise
Use this exercise to expose and address the unseen work for you and your team.

BLOG/VIDEO: Repairing Trust

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