Andrea Carter

Neuroscience Based Equity, Diversity,
Inclusion & Belonging Strategist & Senior Consultant
Belonging-First Cultural Trainer

Andrea Carter (she/her/hers) is a Neuroscience-based Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Senior Consultant & Strategist. As an Industrial & Organizational Psychology Master Candidate, her research has mapped the organizational structure and integrated the new employee market changes affecting human capital and performance.

Over the past two years, she has created the only validated organizational belongingness metric tool to be used for Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging strategy and governance. This tool allows organizations to score their inclusion and belongingness rates and integrate sustainable and measurable metrics into their business strategy.

Andrea is now finalizing her research that delivers practical training for each level of the organization, ensuring belonging-first behaviours that are measurable and accountable. She enables a sustainable, reliable, and valid methodology for enhancing culture and growth within organizations. In partnership with The Talent Company, Andrea has worked within Global and National organizations in the healthcare, transportation and warehousing, manufacturing, mining, finance and insurance, and global spirits industries.

Andrea brings over 18 years of research and practical application to her training, public speaking, and proven methods. She supports leaders and their teams to create a culture of belonging to produce good work despite high-pressure situations and imperfect conditions.

  • Anti-Racism & Inclusion Committee of the Adler University Board of Directors
  • MA Industrial & Organizational Psychology Candidate at Adler University 2022
  • TedX TrinityBellwoods Women 2017 Speaker – Collaboration The Pivot To Parity

Featured Keynote & Workshop: Belonging in the Workplace

Belonging in the workplace requires active efforts from Leadership, HR and the whole organization. In this engaging session, you will learn the significance of fostering belonging in the workplace, understanding its core components, and discover the successful  strategies that are working across seven industries and global environments.


Belonging: The Next Metric for Corporate Governance
This insights-paper prompts new methodology and key indicators to account for human capital while providing the potential for stabilizing talent in a destabilized industry.
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The Belonging Effect
This insights-paper answers questions such as: What is inclusion intelligence? What is the belonging effect in corporate culture? How do you evaluate the level of belonging within your organization?
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The Undoing Effect
How to dig yourself out of the danger of pressure: Undoing the pressure that prevents you from happiness, empowerment & achievement.
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